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Page One of the Evening Sky Map
Download either Hemisphere from 'The Evening Sky Map'.
A Basic Star Map Each Month
Click on the image to download a star map (PDF) for this month or click here to download a complete set of monthly star maps (PDF) developed by NASA.
Sky and Telescope - getting Started in Astronomy
Download the free "Getting Started in Astronomy" from Sky & Telescope Magazine. This is a 10-page PDF file that includes six great bi-monthly sky maps for either the northern or southern hemisphere, and a guide to observing lunar surface features.

A brief history about the program and six videos produced for Teacher Professinal Development, support and resources while teaching with the STARWALK curriculum.

Do you use the Starry Night program? Are you playing Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls by any chance? Someone please say yes so I don't start thinking I'm a bit strange!! The point in asking is that I have created several panoramas for Starry Night usingsome of the remarkable scenery in Skyrim. Click here to view and/or download the panoramas.

Free Resources for members and non-members from the NSTA Science Store.