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Volume 21 -- Issue 7
Sky Watch Calendar -- July 2015
01. Venus Very Near Jupiter
Asteroid Juno Near Regulus
02. Full Moon
05. Moon at Perigee - 367,093 km
06. Earth at Aphelion
Pluto at opposition
07. Cassini Flyby of Titan
08. Last Quarter Moon
Moon at Descending Node
09. Waning Crescent Moon Near Uranus
11. Waning Crescent Moon Near the Pleiades
12. Waning Crescent Moon Near Aldebaran
13. Uranus at Quadrature
14. New Horizons Spacecraft Pluto Flyby
18. New Moon
Triple Conjunction With
   Venus, Jupiter, and Regulus
19. Triple Conjunction With the Moon,
   Venus, Jupiter, and Regulus
21. Moon at Apogee - 404,835 km
Moon at Ascending Node
Sun Enters the Astronomical
   Sign of Cancer the Crab
22-23. Waxing Crescent Moon Passes Spica
23. Sun Does Not Enter the
   Astrological Sign of Leo the Lion
Mercury at Superior Conjunction
24. First Quarter Moon
25. Waxing Gibbous Moon near Saturn
Dwarf Planet Ceres at Opposition
26. Waxing Gibbous Moon near Antares
29. Waxing Gibbous Moon near Pluto
31. Full Moon

2015 Moon Phases from NASA GSFC and LRO

(These are videos on YouTube)