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Monthly Sky Calendar
Celestial events and other information about space programs for the current month.
Planet Watch
Where the visible planets are located this month and anything 'special' to watch for.
Above the Solar System
An animated graphic showing the terrestrial planets at 5-day intervals for the current month, and heliocentric coordinates for plotting their changing positions during the month.
Bob's Spaces
My WordPress blog updated regularly with news and information - also crossed posted to Twitter and Facebook.
Star Stuff
Download monthly star maps, a star map packet, observing guides, panoramas for use with the Starry Night program, and other useful resources for educators.
Peon - SciFi Fanzine
PDF copies of some my father's publications.
Skyrim Panoramas for Starry Night
Panoramas made from the game Skyrim designed for use with the Starry Night program.
Project Starwalk PD Videos
A series of training videos produced under a Federal grant as part of the Project STARWALK curriculum.
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