Dark Matter Presents

These videos are the flat-screen versions of the full-dome videos that were shown at the
Arvin Gottleib Planetaruim in Kansas City MO during 8 live performances in February and May 2011.
The soundtrack for Orbs of Jupiter is a live recording from the performance on May 7th. All other soundtracks were recorded in the studio.
Graphics animations were developed using Seeker, a solar system simulator, and were modified and rendered into their final format using After Effects.

Dark Matter is (left to right):
Richard Johnson, Composer, Electronics - Rebecca Ashe, Flute - Daniel Eichenbaum, Maestro, Composer - Cheryl Melfi, Clarinet - Bob Riddle, Astronomer, Graphics and Video

Water Meditation: Flute
Our planet is a water world. Travel around the Earth with a weather satellite to see our home planet from orbit. (5:52)
Yuri Gagarin was the first human to leave the Earth's surface for space and was the first to orbit the Earth. Orbit the Earth with the Mir Space Station. (5:08)
Orbs of Jupiter
The Galileo spacecraft spent several years orbiting and exploring the planet Jupiter and its many moons. Follow the spacecraft as it visits the Galilean satellites and other Jovian moons. (5:00)

Our solar system includes 8 planets, at least 51 dwarf planets, nearly 200 moons, and thousands of asteroids and comets. Travel to the 8 planets we have visited so far using robotic explorers. (17:20)
Water Meditation: Clarinet
As you watch these videos you are in constant motion as you rotate and revolve with the Earth, and as a part of the Sun's 'family', you are also traveling with the Sun relative to the stars and shape of the Milky Way Galaxy. (5:28)
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