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Credits & Particulars
Graphics manipulation - Photoshop Elements; Snag-It; and Ulead GifAnimator.
HTML coding and editing done with the CoffeeCup HTML Editor v15.4 to modify a template made with Responsive Site Designer
Sky image displays, charts and animations created using Starry Night Pro Plus.

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Qué tal? in the Current Skies © 1995-2018 Bob Riddle - Starwalk, Inc. 1021 S.E. 7th Street. Lee's Summit Missouri. 64063 USA. Latitude: 38.905597oN ; Longitude: 94.355554oW.

ISS- Not as Big as you would think! Bob is now in retirement mode after most recently working as a Special Education Paraprofessional in a High School Life Skills Classroom. Bob and his wife Sue are empty-nesters living in Lee's Summit, Missouri.
They share their home with Chloe the wanderer cat, and Sebastian, Tyler and Heidi.
My Resume (pdf).

Disclaimer: Any use of this newsletter, in any manner whatsoever, will increase the amount of disorder in the universe. Although no liability is implied herein, the reader is warned that this process will ultimately lead to the heat death of the universe.

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