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Volume 23 -- Issue 11
Planet Watch -- November 2017

Dance of the Planets This Month
Mercury moves out east away from the Sun setting later each evening reaching greatest eastern elongation on the 24th, and is well placed for viewing for most of the month.
Venus is still visible over the eastern horizon before sunrise for the entire month, but each day is gradually closer to the Sun and the time of local sunrise.
Mars rises several hours before the Sun rises and is slowly but steadily making its way across the constellation Virgo the Harvest Maiden. By the end of the month Mars will be passing within a few degrees from the bluish-white star Spica.
Dwarf Planet Ceres rises arond midnight local time and slowly moves into the boundaries of Leo the Lion - near the top of the backward question mark shape.

Jupiter starts becoming visible over the eastern horizon before the Sun rises. On the morning of November 13th Venus and Jupiter will be a couple of degrees apart, but only a few degrees above the horizon.
Saturn is low over the southwestern horizon at sunset local time and sets about 1-2 hours after the Sun sets. By the end of the month Saturn will be too\close to the Sun to be easily seen.