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Volume 23 -- Issue 5
Planet Watch -- May 2017

Mercury is visible over the eastern horizon before sunrise for most of the month, although it is rather low for northern hemisphere viewers. Mercury reaches western elongation on the 26th.
Venus is visible over the eastern horizon before sunrise for the entire month. Watch for a conjunction with the waning crescent Moon on the 22nd and passing by the outer Uranus at the end of the month.
Mars is over the southwest horizon at sunset and sets a couple of hours later.
Jupiter rises before sunset local time and is visible all night. Watch for the waxing gibbous Moon to be near Jupiter on the 7th.
Saturn rises a few hours before midnight local time and is over the western horizon at sunrise the following morning. Saturn is still moving in retrograde moving from Sagittarius westward into Ophiuchus.

Dwarf Planet Ceres is over the wstern horizon at sunset local time. At 8th magnitude it is not visible with binoculars but may make for an interesting series of pictures as it passes by to the right of the Bull's face, the open star cluster the Hyades.