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Volume 23 -- Issue 3
Planet Watch -- March 2017

Mercury is visible over the western horizon for about the last two weeks of the month and is well placed above the horizon for northern hemisphere observers.
Venus is visible, but lower each evening, over the western horizon and by the 25th Venus will be in inferior conjunction and will reappear as a morning planet over the eastern horizon by next month.
Mars is over the southwest horizon at sunset and sets a few hours later.
Jupiter rises near local time for sunset and continues its retrograde motion across Virgo, and near the blue-white star Spica, also in Virgo the Harvest Maiden.
Saturn is over the southwestern horizon at sunset and sets about an hour after Mars sets.

Dwarf Planet Ceres stays at 6th-7th magnitude during March and is located just to the east from the backward question mark shape of Leo the Lion.