planet watch
above the solar system
Volume 23 -- Issue 1
Above the Solar System -- January 2017

Name January 01 January 11 January 21 January 31
Mercury 117o 02' 168o 24' 206o 11' 236o 29'
Venus 049o 55' 065o 59' 082o 05' 098o 15'
Earth 100o 45' 110o 57' 121o 08' 131o 18'
Mars 016o 10' 022o 14' 028o 13' 034o 06'
Ceres 042o 20' 044o 24' 046o 28' 048o 33'
Jupiter 190o 56' 191o 41' 192o 26' 193o 12'
Saturn 259o 31' 259o 44' 260o 07' 260o 25'
Plot planet positions using polar graph paper that you can download from this web site - or at that web site create your own.

This uses a coordinate system which allows for the plotting of a planet position along its orbital path using degrees (0o to 360o) of heliocentric longitude. Once plotted the orbital position of one planet could be compared with that of another planet. Or the relative orbital speeds of an inner planet could be compared with that of an outer planet.

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