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Volume 23 -- Issue 12
Planet Watch -- December 2017

Dance of the Planets This Month
Mercury is visible over the western horizon for the first week or so but is low and moving westward toward the Sun and inferior conjunction on the 13th. It reappears in the morning skies later this month.
Venus is still visible over the eastern horizon before sunrise but like Mercury it is low and will quickly disappear as it moves into superior conjunction next month.
Mars rises several hours before the Sun rises and is slowly but steadily making its way across the constellation Libra the Scales toward the planet Jupiter and a close conjunction with the two early next month.
Dwarf Planet Ceres rises in the early evening and is located near the top of the backward question mark shape of Leo the Lion. The apparent magnitude of Ceres increases from 7.0 to 6.6 at month's end.

Jupiter becomes more visible in the morning skies as it crosses the constellation Libra the Scales..
Saturn Saturn is too close to the Sun to be seen and will reach superior conjunction, behind the Sun, on the 21st.