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Volume 22 -- Issue 9
Planet Watch -- September 2016

Mercury is visible over the western horizon at sunset local time for the first couple of days of the month and then it moves into inferior conjunction before reappearing in the morning skies at the end of the month as it rises before sunrise.
Venus is visible at sunset local time but each day appears lower over the western horizon. Watch for conjunctions with Mercury, Jupiter, and the star Spica.
Mars is visible above the southern horizon at local time for sunset and Mars steadily moves eastward away from the reddish star Antares and Saturn.
Jupiter is visible but low over the southwestern horizon at sunrset and setting about 1 hour after the Sun.
Saturn is over the southern horizon at sunset local time and sets by around midnight local time.

Dwarf Planet Ceres rises around midnight and is a few degrees west of the 'Circlet' asterism of Cetus the Whale.