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Volume 22 -- Issue 12
Planet Watch -- December 2016

Mercury is visible in the evening skies over the western horizon setting a little later each evening as it moves toward eastern elongation on the 11th this month.
Venus is very visible at sunset local time over the western horizon. Watch on the 21st when Venus will pass in between three of the Messier objects. In this graphic the apparent magnitudes are shown in the parentheses.
Mars is visible above the southwestern horizon at local time for sunset and sets a few hours after sunset.
Jupiter rises after midnight and is visible the rest of the night..
Saturn is in solar conjunction on the 10th and will not be visible until next month.

Dwarf Planet Ceres rises around mid-afternoon and is a few degrees south of the outer planet Uranus and a few degrees north from another Dwarf Planet, Eris, this one located beyond Uranus in the outer reaches of the solar system.