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Volume 22 -- Issue 8
Planet Watch -- August 2016

Mercury is visible over the western horizon at sunset local time, and will remain visible although lower each evening, for the first half of August. Watch for conjunctions with Venus and Jupiter.
Venus is visible at sunset local time but appears lower over the western horizon due to the angle of the ecliptic. Watch for conjunctions with Mercury and Jupiter.
Mars is visible above the southern horizon at local time for sunset and Mars is a few degrees above the reddish star Antares and a couple of degrees from Saturn.

Jupiter is visible over the southwestern horizon at sunrset, and sets about 1-2 hours after the Sun. Watch for a very close conjunction between Jupiter and Venus on the 27th. On the 28th Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury wil all fit within the field of view of binoculars.
Saturn is over the southern horizon at sunset local time and is a few degrees above Mars.

Dwarf Planet Ceres rises around midnight and is a few degrees west of the 'Circlet' asterism of Cetus the Whale.