planet watch
above the solar system
Volume 21 -- Issue 3
Above the Solar System -- March 2015

Name March 07 March 17 March 27
Mercury 257o 56' 286o 55' 318o 08'
Venus 062o 54' 079o 00' 095o 09'
Earth 166o 05' 176o 04' 186o 00'
Mars 028o 47' 034o 40' 040o 28'
Jupiter 139o 51' 140o 38' 141o 25'
Saturn 239o 16' 239o 34' 239o 53'
Plot planet positions using polar graph paper or the provided activity sheet.

This uses a coordinate system which allows for the plotting of a planet position along its orbital path using degrees (0o to 360o) of heliocentric longitude. Once plotted the orbital position of one planet could be compared with that of another planet. Or the relative orbital speeds of an inner planet could be compared with that of an outer planet.

Terrestrial Planets in Motion at 5 day intervals - March 2015
Above the Terrestrial Planets - March 2015

Click here to see an animated graphic showing the
Terrestrial Planets orbiting the Sun during 2015.

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