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Volume 20 -- Issue 9
Sky Watch Calendar -- September 2014
01. Moon at Descending Node
Waxing Crescent Moon Near Antares
   and Mars
03. First Quarter Moon
05. Venus Near Regulus
Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring)
   Closest To Earth
06. International Observe the Moon Night
08. Moon at Perigee - (358,389 km)
09. Full Moon
10. Moon Occultation of Uranus
11. Moon at Descending Node
14. Waning Gibbous Moon Near Aldebaran
16. Last Quarter Moon
17. Sun Enters the Astronomical
   Sign of Virgo (1 UT)
20. Moon at Apogee - (405,845 km)
Waning Crescent Moon Near Jupiter
Mercury Near Spica
21. MAVEN Mars Orbital Insertion
Mercury at Eastern Elongation
22. September Equinox(9:29 CDT)
Sun Does Not Enter Astrological
   Sign of Libra
Cassini Flyby of Titan
24. New Moon
MOM Mars Orbital Insertion
25. Moon at Ascending Node
26. Waxing Crescent Moon Near Mercury
27. Mars Near Antares
Moon Near Saturn, Ceres and Vesta
29. Begin Astronomy Week