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Volume 21 -- Issue 2
Sky Watch Calendar -- February 2015
01. Venus near Neptune
02. Groundhog Day
03. Full Moon
Full Moon near Jupiter
04. Waning Gibbous Moon
   near Regulus
06. Moon at Apogee - 406,150 km
Jupiter at Opposition
08. Moon At Ascending Node
09. Moon Passes Spica
12. Last Quarter Moon
Cassini Titan Flyby
(2/12-13) Moon Passes Saturn
16. Waning Crescent Moon Sun Enters the Astronomical
   Sign of Aquarius
   near Ceres and Pluto
17. Waning Crescent Moon
   near Mercury
18. New Moon
Sun Does Not Enter the Astrological Sign of Pisces
19. Moon at Perigee - 356,994 km
20. Waxing Crescent Moon
   near Venus and Mars
21. Moon near Uranus
Moon At Descending Node
22. Venus near Mars
23. Saturn at West Quadrature
24. Mercury at Western Elongation
   Moon near the Pleiades
25. First Quarter Moon
   Moon near Aldebaran
26. Neptune in Solar Conjunction

2015 Moon Phases from NASA GSFC and LRO

(These are videos on YouTube)