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Volume 20 -- Issue 11
Sky Watch Calendar -- November 2014
01. Mercury at Western Elongation
02. End U.S.A. Daylight Saving Time
   Set Clocks Back One Hour
03. Moon at Perigee - (367,479 km)
05. Moon At Descending Node
06. Full Moon
07. Waning Gibbous Moon Near the Pleiades
08. Waning Gibbous Moon Near Aldebaran
14. Last Quarter Moon
Moon Near Jupiter
Jupiter at West Quadrature
15. Moon at Apogee - (403,921 km)
Waning Crescent Moon Near Regulus
16. Neptune Ends Retrograde Motion
Mars 5o From Pluto
17. Leonid Meteor Shower Peak
18. Saturn At Solar Conjunction
19. Moon At Ascending Node
Waning Crescent Moon Near Spica
22. New Moon
Sun Does Not Enter Astrological
   Sign of Sagittarius
23. Sun Enters the Astronomical
   Sign of Scorpius
25. Waxing Crescent Moon Near Mars
26. Neptune At East Quadrature
27. Moon at Perigee - (369,518 km)
. Cassini Titan Flyby
29. First Quarter Moon
30. Sun Enters the Astronomical
   Sign of Ophiuchus