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Volume 20 -- Issue 8
Sky Watch Calendar -- August 2014
02. Waxing Crescent Moon Near Mars
Moon at Ascending Node
03. Waxing Crescent Moon Near Saturn
04. First Quarter Moon
05. Waxing Gibbous Moon Near Antares
06. Rosetta Spacecraft Orbital Insertion with
   Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
08. Mercury at Superior Conjunction
09 Saturn at East Quadrature
10. 'Largest' Full Moon
Moon at Perigee - (356,896 km)
Sun Enters Astronomical
   Sign of Leo (20 UT)
12. Perseids Meteor Shower Peak Night.
13. Cassini Flyby of Titan
15. Moon at Descending Node
17. Last Quarter Moon
Mars Autumnal Equinox
18. Venus, Jupiter, and M44 Within 1o
Waning Crescent Moon Near Aldebaran
20. Waning Crescent Moon Near M-35
Jupiter Near M-44
21. Cassini Flyby of Titan
23. Sun Enters Astrological
   Sign of Virgo (5 UT)
24. Moon at Apogee - (406,523 km)
25. New Moon
Voyager II Neptune Flyby
28. Moon Near Spica
29. Neptune at Opposition
Moon at Ascending Node
31. Moon Near Mars and Saturn